The Mexican Deal: Links for Dec 09

I will dedicate this space to information tidbits or interesting facts about Mexico. I´ll share whatever I remember or what catches my eye during my daily routine. Expect updates every couple of days. 

Here´s the Mexican Deal for December 9:

  • What kind of architecture comes to mind when you think of Mexico? (Most people may have a skewed vision thanks to Hollywood studios). As in other places, geography and history have shaped how we build and live in Mexico, from beach bungalows to colonial palaces, Art Decó, modernism, and everything in between. Mexico City is where this shines brightly. If you´ve watched the Netflix series “The Queen´s Gambit”, there are even some scenes in a tournament in the city, with snazzy hotels and suitable lobby-jazz. Get lost in the work of the folks at Reconociendo Mexico, an account run by Twitter users @ExaArq and @wonder_m_r, dedicated to showcasing a bunch of beautiful Mexican doors, temples, and other architectonic wonders in the country. The images are mesmerizing.

  • Border towns may be famous for bars or nightlife, but Americans also flock to the South in search of quality and affordable health care. Dentistry is no exception. Recent violence and the pandemic have altered how medical tourism happens. To think about how things used to be, read about the town of Los Algodones, Sonora, a few miles outside Yuma, Arizona. The place might be called Mollar City, where 600 hundred dentists serve Americans and even Canadians in a 5,000 resident town. Does Lisa need braces?

  • Texans, New Yorkers, and people in Mexico City ride the mineral water craze. For years, Topo Chico, bottled at source in Monterrey, Nuevo León, has expanded into newer territories. The Coca-Cola Company now owns part of the company behind the brand. Its a product with decades of history, but its internationalization focuses on appealing to a young audience. Leaving Monterrey was also a big deal because you can get one in Mexico City as well. Dive into what The New York Times had to say about it in 2016.